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    Excellent customer support!

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      There are so many reports of lousy Adobe customer support, I just

      thought I'd post my experience with an Adobe rep called Biswaranjan M

      via chat.


      I rarely need to contact customer support, but just now when I did (to

      cancel a particular CC subscription) I got a chat response within 10

      seconds. The rep was helpful, human, and resolved all issues

      satisfactorily, including waving a cancellation fee (as I was starting a

      different plan instead).


      Maximum I had to wait between responses was about 2 minutes.


      So obviously some people have a very different experience, but, as I

      say, in my case the whole things was smooth sailing from start to

      finish. (Perhaps at this time of year most people are busy with other

      things so Adobe chat are less pressured...)