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    how do I address the scrollbar's updateDisplayList properties if I do not instatiate the scrollBar component?

      Is there an easier route?

      My issue is that I am not attaching the scrollbar via <mx:HScrollBar or mx:VScrollBar, rather it is being automatically attached to a container. Therefore my only means of addressing this particular scrollbar seems to be from within the condainer's script, and the container's properties do not make provision for it's child scrollBar's height/width.

      Is it a matter of re-writing the default scroll component?

      For example, I've skinned a scrollBar using the examples at Narciso Jaramillo's
      (using Flash) but this article does not explain how to override the default scaling.

      Next I've applied the skins to the Adobe example, http://examples.adobe.com/flex2/inproduct/sdk/photoviewer/srcview/index.html

      within the ThumbnailView.mxml file there is a Vbox containing a HorizonalList container with the id of photoList , that when loaded, adds a HorizontalScrollBar, like this..

      <mx:HorizontalList id="photoList" dataProvider="{gallery.photos}"
      width="98%" height="135" selectedIndex="0"
      styleName="thumbnailList" />

      I understand that the scope of this matter may be small in comparison to other issues but as a designer these otherwise simple tasks are terribly frustrating and time consuming.

      I would appreciate any insight.

      Thank You,