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    Purchased stand-alone copy of LR in 10/2013.  Got a message that Development module is disabled.

    Junco Joe

      I upgraded from LR 4 to LR5, purchasing a stand-alone version of Lightroom in 10/2014 (less than three months ago) for my PC.  In accordance with instructions from Adobe HELP, I downloaded a second copy of the software to a new Mac in preparation for switching computers and discontinued using the original PC version.  I had to hire a consultant to assist with the transfer of photos due to lack of specific instructions from Adobe regarding a PC to Mac transition, but by early December the transition had been accomplished and LR (now 5.7) was functioning for approximately two weeks.  Shortly thereafter the Development module was disabled with a message that I needed to renew my membership to reactivate the Develop Module!  I never had a membership... I purchased the stand-alone version of the software and wish to use it rather than the subscription version. 


      Added to all my problems with the transition is that we hosted guests for the holiday season and I was unable to show them any of my recent photographs due to the Develop module being disabled.   (My guess is that Adobe is not going to compensate me for this inconvenience!) 


      As far as I can determine, this is nothing that I have brought on myself.  Adobe allows the download of two copies of the LR software and I haven't exceeded that, and I called Adobe Help specifically to ask how to accomplish the PC to Mac transition and was told to download the LR software to the Mac. 


      So how do I reactivate the Development module without paying additional money for a subscription?