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    Can't export video out of Premiere cS5.5


      I am NOT tech savvy and easily overwhelmed at reading some of the suggested solutions to other people's issues. Any patience you can give me is very much appreciated after I ask dumb questions or give dumber answers.


      I am editing a wedding on my iMac. I can give specs later if needed. I have edited other weddings before on this system with the occasional need to force quit from time to time. This time around I used the Dynamic Link option to do my color grading in After Effects. The residing Premiere clips take way too long to render, if they render at all, and playback is always choppy so I export H264 files from After Effects to replace my clips in Premiere.  At first, I didn't put a cap on the data rate which made all my files really large. My reception section was like 30 something GB and I could understand why that wouldn't allow me to dynamic link to Encore to finalize for DVD. So I limited the data rate to 40,000 kbps so that i wouldn't sacrifice quality.


      After importing the clips and adding them to the timeline I still couldn't get Encore to open properly without it being forced quit. So I broke my timeline up into 4 smaller sections to export to MPEG 2. The first section exported beautifully. I haven't been able to get Premiere Pro to do anything since. And I've constantly had to force quit Premiere Pro through the entire project.


      Is anyone willing to help me out here? I thank all in advance.