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    Importing PR project Issues

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      Just a quick intro. I cut up and edited my video in PR and want to apply some effects to certain files in my timeline, within AE. I imported my PR project into AE fine, but when i preview it (hit space bar) it first runs really slowly, then stays black, until I start hiding some of the adjustment layers, titles etc. It shows non of my colour correction, nor the text and its effects that are key to my video.


      What is the best way to edit certain parts of my PR timeline, cut up videos, throw them into premier then back to PR into the main sequence so I can export out with minimum data loss, please?


      Thank you



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, to begin with, you don't preview stuff in AE with the space bar. Sorry, but you seriously need to watch some tutorials and read the help. the rest we can't know. You have not provided any system or version info nor exact details about your project like what footag is used, sequnce settings and whatnot.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            The best way to bring a clip from a Premiere Pro timeline into AE for effects processing depends on the shot. For simple things you can right click your clip or clips in Premiere Pro and select "Replace with After Effects Composition." AE will open and create a comp from the clips. If your effects work is fairly straight forward you complete your effects work in After Effects and then return to Premiere Pro and continue editing. If the effects involve more complex work like Warp Stabilizing or extensive keying and compositing, you will probably want to add some handles to the shot and then render your AE work to a Production Format DI (digital intermediate) and replace the shot in the Premiere Pro sequence. Leaving a Warp Stabilized or extensive and render intensive effects shot a live dynamic linked AE project will still work but on most systems you will save time in the long run if you render and replace. I use both methods almost daily.


            As Mylenium said, before you get to far into your project you need to give yourself some serious After Effects training. I've been using and teaching After Effects for 20 years and I've never met anyone that could successfully just open AE for the first time and successfully and efficiently do anything more than add a text layer to a shot, then most of them have fouled up the render of that simple shot. Please at least start here: Basic Workflow

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              Biniman Level 1

              Nice1, thanks Rick, going to get my teeth into AE.

              Mylenium, no need to apologise