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    Project stops at a certain frame


      I have been scanning these forums and I have not come across a fix for the problem I am having. Also, please keep in mind I am somewhat of a AE Novice, so if the fix is simple don't blame me for not finding it


      Basically, I am trying to render a looping background that speeds up in response to an audio waveform using trapcode soundkeys following a tutorial on the Red Giant website. It works a treat for about a minute, then around the 1:15 mark it just stops. After Effects does not crash, but the looping video and the animation stops. I thought it may have been a previewing issue, but when I render it the video stops in the same place, at the same frame.


      I also do not know if it is a coincidence or not, but it stops at the very start of the green line under the timeline. Could this be a RAM preview issue?


      I doubt it is a hardware issue as I have a high-spec PC, but then again I am a little ignorant on the subject.


      Any help is appreciated. This is not urgent but it is bugging me.