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    Premiere Elements 12


      As I understand, you get a Video program and a Photo program.

      When I installed it, I got 2 codes, I put one of them in, and then it automatically installed, you know, pretty normal.

      I got a "Adobe Premiere Elements" Icon with the video symbol on, and I thought "Alright, I just have to run the same starting program and enter the other code I got"

      But when I run it, it asks if I want to uninstall it. Then I looked in some of the folders, and sure, there it was, a file that is named "Photoshop Elements 12.0" So i opened it and got the the window where you have 2 options (Like the starting window) Where you can choose to open Photoshop or the "Media Organizer" (Can't recall what the name was --> I know, stupid me :E) But then I clicked on the Photoshop...Nothing happened? :s The Organizer works, but not the Photoshop program...


      Any help? I guess, I should input the other code in a program, right? But the installation program that came with Premiere Elements 12 just asks if I want to uninstall? I mean, what the? :E


      I don't really know how designed this website, I really think it's a little confusing, but if you could send a response to my email, it would be fantastic! Or just answer in here, and I will try to find my post again :/

      But my Email is; Bausager.m@live.dk

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          To avoid nuisances, please do not post contact information in your thread since this is a public forum where all can view that information.


          Photoshop Elements 12 (photo editor) and Premiere Elements 12 (video editor) are standalone programs. Each comes with the Elements Organizer 12.

          If you have both installed on the same computer, the share the same Elements Organizer 12.


          You install Photoshop Elements 12 which comes with its Elements Organizer 12 using its own serial number.

          Then you do the same for Premiere Elements 12 and its Elements Organizer 12 using its own serial number.


          Often the installation files are on the same disc for the same operating system. But, you finish on installation at a time.


          Please excuse me going over what you may already know, but I did not want to take anything for granted.


          1. Go to the Control Panel Installed Programs and determine if you have an entry for Adobe Premiere Elements 12. If you do, uninstall it


          2. Then use your installation disc to install Premiere Elements 12. Does that work for you? Can you gain access to the program's workspaces

          after the program Sign In?

          3. When you found yourself with that uninstall message when you tried to install Premiere Elements 12,  was that related to the program sending you a "Shared Technologies" error messages and telling you that it was going to roll back the installation?


          Please review and consider the above and then we can decide what next.


          Thank you.