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    Where are all of my "Site Manager" items on my Admin Console?

    naturescape_peopletecture Level 1

      I feel like I am flooding the forum with Newbie Questions and maybe this one will answer other questions I have asked.  I just recently upgrade from webBasic to webMarketing and I am learning the new things like html for newsletters, etc.  I watch a lot of tutorial videos and read through "How-to's" on Adobe's BC Site and I have been seeing that to do things i need several menu items listed under "Site Manager" such as "Page Templates" and "File Manager". 


      Well, I only have two things listed under my Admin Console's "Site Manager" menu tab.  Do I not have the other options because I need to upgrade to webCommerce? See attached photo and note the clear screenshot of my admin console menu on the left and a menu from a tutorial I am wanting to follow but can't because I don't have the wide variety of menu options.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.