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    InCopy Workflow Plugins -- gone missing!


      This question is in reference to InDesign CS6, which I'm using for two different client projects.


      For Project A, we are on an InCopy workflow, and I've been happily using my Assignments panel to manage the text.


      Then Project B came along and required a K4 workflow. This involved installing K4 plugins as well as deactivating the InCopy plugins.


      I was provided a script to quickly do the plugin "clean up" that K4 required (a script I now regret using). When I came back to a file for Project A, of course my Assignments panel was missing, and I can't find it anywhere.


      I've checked my plugins folder; there's nothing in there anymore regarding InCopy or Assignments. Nothing in my Trash, either.


      Can anyone advise on how to restore the default plugins?


      Thanks in advance!