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    My Workstation: slowly :(

    JFGrimard Level 1



      When I do a rendering, After Effects is not very stable. It sometimes uses all processors at 100% and then, for no reason, it uses only 15% of the rest of the rendering (see the printscreen). For an investment of nearly 8 000k This is very disappointing.


      This is my setup:


      - Xeon 2650 v2 @ 2.6GHz (8 core HT)

      - 64GB ram 1 600ghz

      - 3 x SSD (1 for Win8, one for the preview and cache, one for storage)

      - Geforce 690gtx

      - Win 8.1

      - After Effects 2014.0 (I had a lot of trouble with 2014.1)


      Thank you very much!


      *** I made a similar post in Premiere Pro CC because when I previews and Exports, it's very unstable. Once it is very fast and the next time it is not (I always empty the cache when I make tests).