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    how to object group

    hamdifem Level 1

      certain operations after the

      I want to group selection

      How can I do


      app.activeDocument.align(app.activeDocument.selection,AlignOptions.RIGHT_EDGES, AlignDistributeBounds.ITEM_BOUNDS);

      app.activeDocument.align(app.activeDocument.selection,AlignOptions.TOP_EDGES, AlignDistributeBounds.ITEM_BOUNDS);

      var myDoc = app.activeDocument; 

      var mySel = myDoc.selection; 

      app.selection[0].groups(); /??

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          csm_phil Level 4

          Hi hamdifem,


          please try the below js code, I just modified your code.


          var myDoc = app.activeDocument; 
          myDoc.align(myDoc.selection,AlignOptions.RIGHT_EDGES, AlignDistributeBounds.ITEM_BOUNDS);
          myDoc.align(myDoc.selection,AlignOptions.TOP_EDGES, AlignDistributeBounds.ITEM_BOUNDS);
          var mySel = myDoc.selection;