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    Can't open Photoshop since I moved Temp folder


      OS--> Win8.1 64 Bit | CS6... Problem: Built a new PC, with an SSD as a boot drive and a SSHD as a mass storage drive. By default, the cache folders are on my boot drive, which is bad because of the limited writecycles of an SSD (And the €/Gigabyte rate). Therefore I followed a guide on how to change their location to my storage drive. Since then, Photoshop doesn't open, displaying 2 Error-Messages: Cannot open Workspace, because the file is locked, you do not have permissions needed to acces. Undo that lock in the windows explorer (Rough translation, because I use the german version). When I open it as administator, it works. I also cleared the Adobe folders in the AppData folders, nothing helps. Other Adobe programs don't seem to be influenced. What could I do about it?

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          How did you move your temp location and where did you move it. If your on windows open a dos prompt window enter the following commands and see how Windows respond


          ECHO %TEMP%

          ECHO %TMP%


          I would think if you have some space on your ssd your temp space should be on it.  If you do not have a 100GB or more free I could see you seting Photoshop Scratch disk to be other then your ssd.  What cache did you move and how?  When I start Photoshop I see files written to My temp.  However the largest temp I is Photoshop scratch space. If  I remove the boot disk from the Photoshop scratch disk as available the largest temp is written to my second disk My 500GB 10K RPM  not my SSD..  I normally keep 100+GB free on my SSD. boot disk and let Photoshop  use it for scratch space.  I Also turned off hibernation.   Doing that deleted the reserved hibernation file and freed up 40GB on my boot ssd for I have 40GB of Ram installed on my machine..


          You should not change Window's and Photoshop's defaults unless you really know what your doing.  While some settings are better off changes some changes can cause problems.  There is a lot of good information on the web however there is also a lot of bad information on the web.