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    Why does Adobe sell such ****** products and provide no meaningful support?


      I bought a boxed copy of Lightroom 5 from a national electronics retailer.  Loaded up LR and immediately after accepting my serial number LR locks up and keeps sending a message saying "An error occurred attempting to change modules".  I reloaded LR twice and got the same message.  I searched the internet and found this error message to be fairly common.  A link took me to a page that offered five possible fixes.  Tried all five but still the same result. Trashed earlier upload and retried 4 more times.  Same result.


      At this point, I decided Lightroom is not for me, after spending 3.5 hours just try to get the program loaded and operational, I can only image how frustrating it must be to actually try and use this app.  Couple that with all the bad reviews online of LR's operational quirks.  So - I take my LR boxed set with all receipts and paperwork back to the retailer and the retailer says they can't give me a refund because of Adobe copyright issues!  How convenient is that!?!  The customer is in an immediate double-bind situation - in order to see if it works, you have to open the package - but if it doesn't work, you're **** out of luck!  I just threw away $162.44 on crap that doesn't even load, and which the manufacturer, ADOBE, doesn't even support.  Directing me to post my problem on a bulletin board and wait patiently for an answer is not "Support"!


      If this practice isn't close to being criminal, it should be.  All I can say is "DON'T BUY ADOBE SOFTWARE, ESPECIALLY LIGHTROOM"


      Rick Lloyd

      A disappointed, frustrated, and angry customer