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    Can't  get into Lightroom


      Hi all. For some reason I can't access Lightroom on my new windows 8 computer.  Some background.... I had a windows 7 computer  with Lightroom  5 from a disk loaded on it. Worked fine .  Then I  downloaded  the Lightroom update 5.7.  Lightroom has not  worked since .  I would get these messages.... Lightroom encountered an error when reading from it's preview cache and needs to quit,  and also this message , ..... Lightroom will attempt to fix this problem the next time it launches.  I just got a new windows 8 computer so I loaded the Lightroom 5 from the disk on it. Same problem !!   Went to add/ remove and removed Lightroom.  Then I downloaded the latest version of Lightroom { 5.7.1 }   Same messages as before with no acess to Lightroom.  If I try to click off the message box, Lightroom disappears completely.  Any ideas?   Thank you.