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    File menu broken in 2014.02

    OliPicard Level 1

      Premiere Pro has been locking up when i go to the file menu after playing a video. The menu will not display or will show an application isn't responding error.


      All the other menus work apart from the File menu, When i have attempted to get a screenshot of the problem happening the print screen function also stops working. (all functionality stops working when the file menu is open causing the OS to grind to a hault, this feels like a memory leak.)


      What have i done?


      • Reinstalled Adobe Premiere (Clean install using the uninstaller tool.)
      • Reinstalled the drivers using a clean installation.
      • Reinstalled depedencies such as Quicktime and VCs.





      • What version of Premiere Pro? Include the minor version number (e.g., Premiere Pro CS5.5 with the 5.5.2 update).:  8.2.0 (65) build (Premiere Pro CC 2014.2)
      • Have you installed the recent updates? (If not, you should. They fix a lot of problems.) Yes.
      • What operating system? This should include specific minor version numbers, like "Mac OSX v10.6.8"---not just "Mac". Win 8.1 64 bit
      • What kind(s) of source footage? When telling about your source footage, tell us about the codecs, not just the container types. For example, "H.264 in a .mov container", not just "QuickTime". H.264 in a mp4 container.
      • If you are getting error message(s), what is the full text of the error message(s)? No. (Just having lock ups)
      • What were you doing when the problem occurred?  (Playing a video followed by trying to go to the file menu. the file menu drops down however the file menu isn't displaying. This can make the device lock up completely while it waits for a response from Premiere Pro CC.)
      • Has this ever worked before?  Yes (for a very long time!)
      • What other software are you running?  N/A
      • Do you have any third-party effects or codecs installed?  N/A
      • Tell us about your computer hardware. Be especially certain to tell us about third-party I/O hardware (e.g., AJA, Matrox, Blackmagic, MOTU). N/A
      • Are you using Mercury Playback Engine GPU AccelerationYes using the latest 347.09 driver set.
      • Does the problem only happen with your final output, with previews, or both? this affects the program.