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    How do I update layout design changes in a document?




      I'm designing a 20 page document as a sort of guide or reference.  Every page contains the same layout but the information changes on each page.  I wanted to know if there was a way to set up my document so that if I needed to adjust the layout design, I could do so and have it update all the other pages as well.  For instance, if I needed to rearrange some of my text boxes or even adjust their size, how could I do this and have it update the other text boxes on the other pages as well.  I use my master page for items that need to repeat on every page such as the title of the guide, and page numbers but also for text box place holders.  Is there a feature in InDesign that would help with this situation...  It would be very time consuming going through every page of a 20 page document to update layout design changes.  


      Thank you!