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    Repeated installation freeze (with screen shots)--suggestions?


      I have an ongoing issue with Flash installation.  Running Windows 7 64bit on a Lenovo T410.  Ancient junker, but doing alright other than this Flash issue.  The Chrome integrated flash is fully operational.  The issue is installation for Firefox 34.0.5 (most recent, though the issue began with a previous version and is on-going), which I prefer.


      I download the appropriate and most up-to-date Version:

      It downloads, I click run and approve the administrator right to modify.


      Nothing new here.  The issue is the following:


      Flash Installer opens to a blank screen:


      It will remain blank for hours.  It will not close, though the minimize to toolbar is functional.  The only way to stop the process is through Task Manager.  This results in a confirm end-process warning.

      The installer then closes immediately and I'm back to square one.  I've attempted install dozens of times.  I've uninstalled Firefox, downloaded through Chrome or IE, etc.  No luck.  It freezes every time.  This blank screen freeze has been on-going for months...every couple weeks I get bugged by Chrome and go back to trying to figure out the issue.  I've run the full uninstall on previous versions multiple times.  I've restarted before/after uninstall, running the download, etc dozens of times.


      The only oddity that I see if the install download always has "32" in the title and this is a 64 bit OS.  But I don't know enough of the difference to know if that matters and this is the download recommended by Adobe for the OS and browser.


      All help appreciated.  If you need further information, I'm happy to provide it (though if it's anything complex, please provide a step-by-step).