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    Lightroom Desktop (5.7) doesn't sync to CC - Ran diagnostics and found an error: The Internet connection appears to be offline.


      I've been wrestling with this problem all day, and have restarted the laptop/program and re-installed LR Mobile for iPad, but I don't think it's even getting to the cloud.


      I have a Macbook Pro running Yosemite with LR 5.7 and everything from CC says I have no updates to install.


      When selecting Sync On/Off, signing out/in, nothing fixes it. Ran the diagnostic and was able to find this error:


      • recentErrors:
        • 1:
          • message: The Internet connection appears to be offline.
          • since: /v1.0/catalogs/f6d92bf87d114fb8972a1dc40a0153b0/updates?updated_since=2014-12-30T01%3A56% 3A09.679413Z
          • status: error
          • time: 2014-12-29T18:36:35.446
          • what: get
      • recentOzErrors: (empty table)
      • syncHistory:
        • 1: updates
        • 2: deletions
        • 3: assets
      • syncStatusDoc:
        • _changeCounter: 60
        • _hash: 09d812d49c806264718507555edfde2dd9ae3e16
        • _id: syncPeer-oz
        • _slot: wfSyncAgent
        • continueFrom: /v1.0/catalogs/f6d92bf87d114fb8972a1dc40a0153b0/updates?updated_since=2014-12-30T01%3A56% 3A09.679413Z
        • outboundContinueFrom: 59

      It isn't offline, and I thought maybe a firewall was blocking it. I installed Little Snitch and I gave everything full privileges so I feel like it's being blocked by I don't know by what. I went into Yosemite settings and the firewall is turned off.

      I removed the sync.lrdata file and restarted the desktop app, still says "waiting for connection" when I drop down my identity plate. Willing to send my files to staff.