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    Best Way to Move Drive Back to Original Computer/Catalog after Lots of Editing: Export Metadata, or ??

    Rapak11 Level 1

      I had to do a lot of work on a different computer/catalog, including rearranging files, changes in the Develop module, and adding/creating new files (Importing new photos, saving TIFF/PSD/JPEG edits). Now I need to move the drive, and all the new stuff, back to the original computer and original catalog.


      The original catalog will recognize the folders and files that haven't been changed, so I want to leave those intact, while and just bring in all the new stuff.

      I know I can export the metadata from the newer catalog, and the original catalog will see the changes as well as all the Develop settings for the images that have been changed. Is that the best option or is there another way, such as Exporting and then Merging the two catalogs (if that will work in this situation)?