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    Need audio help in After Effects CS4(Audio Not Working after rendering...)


      Hi Adobe Masters...


      I really need a help for the output of audio in after effects cs4.


      Question 1 :


      I 'm unable to hear the audio of rendered movie. My setting are as follows

      1) During ram preview my audio is playing fine + I'm using Numpad 0 for audio, its playing perfect + i have ticked in check box in the ram preview also.

      2) In Output Module settings the Audio Output check-box has been ticked. I have tried importing .WAV, .MP3 file with the setting of 48,000Khz 16 bit stereo which is same in the AE Output Module also.

      3) I'm not using Resolution Full HD, i'm using Resolution Quarter.

      4) My computer is Windows Vista Home Premium and using Realtek HD Audio driver which is up-to-date and its driver is also up-to-date. which supports all audio formats.

      5) I have tried making movie/ exporting as MP4, Quicktime & AVI... but none of the them is rendered with audio.


      After trying all the options i'm not able to render the audio....


      please do let know if any option to render audio with video... thanks in advance.


      Question 2 :


      I'm unable to render in Full HD Mode... it showing error saying "There is a mismatch between Output Module settings and Transcode Settings" Please let me know what to change where for Full HD movie rendering?


      Please Note : First Question is very important than Question 2.