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    Choppiness on Adobe CS6/Premiere Pro CS6.0.5

    CAJensen01 Level 1

      I've been trying to investigate an issue with a user experiencing choppy playback behavior within Premiere Pro, but haven't yet found a solution. I'm not that familiar with the software, so any thoughts are welcomed.


      System: 2012 Macbook Pro with Nvidia GT650M. 16gb of ram. SSD.

      OS, Software: Mavericks 10.9.5, issue was similar on 10.8.5. Premiere CS6-6.0.5. Updated to latest CUDA drivers without a change in behavior.


      Experience: When the user is playing back media, and the media reaches a point where it should load a graphic (most commonly an AE file which just has a word that fades in and out over the video), the playback stutters or stops, and doesn't load the graphic. The video resumes normally after the graphic should have loaded/been displayed. Sometimes the red "Media Missing" overlay is presented instead.


      These graphics are located on a network volume, but the user has stable, high-speed access to this volume. (Connected via fibre.) Another user with the same hardware does not experience the same issues.


      The issue is not account related. If I log in with another account, I can recreate the problem. Thus, it is also not related to the media cache, although I've cleaned that as well on the user's account.


      I've also tried resetting the SMC on the user's machine.