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    What's the deal?

    Constant Production Level 1

      So I read that after december 31st there will be an increase in price for existing customers upgrading to CC. Now I would like to continue using the latest software, but I only use three programs, Photoshop, Premiere and After Effects in CS6. Therefor the thing I've been working with so far is a volume license for CS6 so that I could work on my Macbook Pro and my PC desktop.


      So my questions:

      - Now, I need to know what to do here. I don't need any other programs then those three so why the hell do I need to buy the full creative cloud when all I'm gonna do with the other programs is throwing them away?

      - Will the subscription render my old CS6 license unavailable? Or can I use them together with CC versions of others?

      - Will there be an increase in price for existing customers after december 31st?

      - If I pay monthly, can I freeze my subscription so that if I go on vacation I will not be charged for time I don't use the programs?

      - Why isn't there a video production focused package that only includes Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Media Encoder and Speedgrade?