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    HTML Help control

      I have a .chm file with a number of HTML Help Control Shortcuts within it.

      When the .chm is run from the local machine everthing works, however from the network/intranet the .chm is opening and working fine apart from the Help Control Shortcuts???

      Any ideas?

      Many Thanks
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            Pete Lees Level 2

            HTML Help Shortcut commands were permanently disabled in non-local CHMs by a Windows security update (numbered 323180) that Microsoft released two years ago. There is no way to re-enable them, unfortunately; applying the workarounds to the more recent 896358 security update doesn't have any effect in this case.

            If you need to implement Shortcut-like functionality in a remotely stored help file, one possibility is to use the KeyHelp ActiveX control. This provides a KeyShortcut command that performs the same function as the standard Shortcut command but isn't subject to Microsoft's security restrictions. The only drawback is that you must install KeyHelp on your users' machines.

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              abdab35 Level 1
              Thanks Pete for the reply, I did check this out but it didnt appear straight forward to do.

              There shouldn't be any problems installing KeyHelp on the end users machines, so any further help with script would be appreciated.

              The other strange thing that seems to be happening:

              The link is working on a stand alone machine if the .chm is double clicked, however if the .chm file is loaded from a command line (as the associated program will access it) is fails "Unable to Start AVL MAnagement.exe" message is displayed.

              Any ideas

              Many Thanks
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                Pete Lees Level 2

                I believe you're running into the relative path bug, described in this Web page:


                The workaround is to use scripting to get the absolute path to the directory that contains the CHM file and then write this into the KeyShortCut function. See below for an example.