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    Action and droplet



      How can I make an action and droplet, with these steps:

      0. open image from directory

      1. resizes an image.

      2. places a watermarks.

      3.moving the watermark manually

      4. saving the image in a directory.


      I have no problem creating the action with the first three steps. But when I get to the manual moving step I fail. I can insert a stop in the action. But when it comes to the dialog box, I can't do anything.


      Any tips?

      Best regards

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          You make droplets using a action and actions normally do not open images and watermarks are usually  made using  Photoshop tools like text and place.  They are also usually sized and positioned automatically.  Actions have a problem saving files if you want to control file name and destination.


          It would be possible for you to create a droplet that you can drop an image file on.  The droplet would start Photoshop, Photoshop would open the image files that was dropped on the droplet and the action the droplet was made with would watermark the image and save it.


          However the same action could be use with Photoshop Automate>Batch to watermark a batch of images.  The action could also be used with one of the image processor scripts to sane sized set images with and without watermarks added.


          The hardest part is creating an action that can watermark any size image with a watermark appropriately sized for the image.  My Crafting Action Package may help  you some.


          Crafting Actions PackageUPDATED Aug 10, 2014 Added Conditional Action steps to Action Palette Tips.