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    Adaptive layout for sliding sidebar

    BruceMCE Level 1

      I'm having trouble getting a sidebar to scale horizontally when it slides onto the stage. Here's a complete description:


      My Stage is set to scale at 100%. The stage is white, with a black and white picture that is also set to scale at 100% so it resizes appropriately.
      On the left side of the Stage I have several Symbols that slide out when a trigger is clicked, then slide back when the trigger is clicked again. Each Symbol has a black background, set to 75% opacity so the picture on the Stage shows through a little.


      My issue is that when the Symbol slides out, the background is not scaled to 100%. I've tried the Scale Size button, but it makes the Symbol take up the entire Stage, even if I've only set the H to 100% and the W to pixels. Any ideas?