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    why would text be styled 1% purple?

    Doug Goewey

      I inherited an ID file with some text reversed out of a black background. The style for that text calls for the character color to be 1% of a process purple (c60-m0-y15-k0) rather than "paper." This book has been printed once with this text color, and to the naked eye the reversed text appears to be white, so I don't think it's an esthetic concern. There are no spot colors in the file, only cmyk process. The black background out of which the text is reversed is not "Black," but 100% of c60-m40-y20-k100. When exported to pdf for proofing (High Quality Print setting), my machine shows this text to look as it should--almost white reversed out of black. But on another machine the pdf text appears to be 100% purple and almost unreadable. I'm planning to change the text color to "Paper." Any reason I shouldn't? No access to the original designer or printer. Original was in CS4, now saved in CS6. Why would you make any text 1% purple?