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    Combine folders from multiple sources (Mac, CD, Camera)

    Folder Questions

      I have Lightroom 3, and for some reason the program is showing I have 3 distinct categories in my Folders section. Bear with me, I'm not a pro at Lightroom, but learning all the time. Right now my central organization is under "Macintosh HD" - this has a little green box next to it and i have TONS of photos here. I have some photos I imported from a CD that are showing up in a separate folder labeled "201410" - which is the date the photographer took them. When I remove the CD from my computer I get the little "?" symbols. When I return the CD it goes away. I tried loading the photos to my hard drive, but it will not let me re-import them to my Macintosh folder, as they are already imported. I tried dragging them into my Macintosh ND folder, but it will not let me. It just disregards the request. Same problem with some random photos that are in a folder called "Nikon D7100". These are not subfolders under Macintosh, but rather distinctly separate folders.


      Can anyone offer advice as to how I resolve this so I can remove the CD and keep everything in the same folder? Thank you!