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    New Update STILL doesn't Like .MXF from Canon.

    5neaky C Level 1

      Although, the red frame is no longer lingering, Canon .MXF is still an issue for PP2014.2


      Opening a project that was fine yesterday is suddenly problematic. Media in bin is all of a sudden missing- when relinked it says its damaged. But CS6 can read it.

      I know- rename the clip and replace.

      There are hundreds of missing media clips in this project. I did an export over night for review - and it looks fine.  Now I have to relink half of this projects clips because I restarted my computer today.

      Big waste of time.. CC was supposed to improve on previous CS6 release-- man I am so pissed at all the bugs this subscription has. So much time wasted.


      Creating a new multi-cam sequence from audio-- does not work.  So if your trying it with .MXF from Canon - expect problems.


      CC is BOOOO!

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          Derjis Level 3

          *sigh* Great. I was debating updating our machines over the holidays while I've got some troubleshooting time, but looks like it's still not a good idea. It'd be nice if at SOME point we could actually update without having to worry about our footage and/or existing projects being ganked...

          Oh well, it's not like anybody shoots on Canon gear, or ever needs to open existing project files. /sarcasm