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    internet explorer 8


      i have a customer that can't login using explorer 8.  can i change something in the code for this older browser.  also how do i check other browsers for compatability?

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          Lynda-S Level 4

          You really need to encourage your user to update his web browser. IE 8 is very old and way outdated. If he is on Windows XP have your customer use Firefox or Chrome. If your cusomter is on a newer version of Windows have him update Internet Explorer to a new version.

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            TheBCMan Adobe Community Professional

            Agreed with Lynda, IE8 isn't even HTML5 fully compatible, I don't support IE8 in my standard contract and near double the price if the client needs it because you it's now easier to write code for everything else and another set of code for IE8 and below (it's that bad) than trying to make 1 piece of code work for all.


            The end of life for IE8 from Microsoft is also less than 12 months away so they need to upgrade.