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    Transform Effect problems when used with 3D layer's depth

    nikolaig Level 1

      Here is my set up.

      I have PreComp with graphics illustrator imported layer with continuosly rasterise enabled.

      This graphics has a reflection underneath it. I made the reflection by applying Transform effect, setting offset to -100 and adjusting the Anchor point.

      As far as graphics move left to right (X,Y) there is no problem and Anchor point is in its place.

      As soon as I make the layer 3D and start changing depth values the reflection starts to jump around.


      My guess is - it happens because anchor point is a constant value and since reflection is based off its value it does not follow the base of the graphics. Purhasps there is a code snippet which need to be used to link the Anchor Point value to the Zoom Value? Adjusting Anchor point values with key frames proved too difficult.


      In another words I would like to keep the reflection at a constant distance from the base of the graphics and once the graphics move out or in the reflection does not follow.

      I PreComposed this graphics and imported it into the new Compostion and applied XY and Z movement using camera and Null layers. It was the same effect and reflection did not stick to the base of the graphics.

      I need to keep Collapse Transformation enabled on all the consecutive Comps/PreComps to make sure the vector art renders at high quality.


      What would be a proper way to make a reflection of a 3D layer/preComp  in the Comp where movement controlled with Camera and Null layers, with Continuosly Rasterise/Collapse Transformations enabled?