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    CPU usage regardless of settings (LOW CPU usage, high Idle) - Mac Pro openCL




      I am rendering a semi complex scene in AE using a Mac Pro (2014) computer ( AMD GPU). I have a 6 core CPU, and it seems as though that when I view my CPU activity (using activity monitor) it shows that After Effects uses hardly any CPU (avg 10%) regardless if I use multiprocessor settings or not. I have tried various configurations of each but I seem to have no luck in getting After effects to use any more than 5% of the CPU when rendering these scenes (it's taking about 2-3 hours for a 20 sec comp regardless of settings - multiprocessor or not.


      Also regardless of activity ( I could be rendering a very complicated, 3d heavy scene), my CPU summary suggests that it is about 95% Idle ALL the time.. again regardless of CPU settings (multiprocessor  or not)


      Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


      I would like to use all of the CPU power that comes with this machine for rendering After Effects Comps.. 


      it is why I invested so heavily into both the hardware and software


      Is there somehting that I ma not understanding?


      Thanks in advance!