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    Poor video quality when exporting


      I am new to Premiere and don't know all the functions yet. (at all)

      I have wto questions.


      I have successfully imported and edited my video, but it seems, that the final result (the preview at the right) is cutting off the edges of my video.

      I have tried the "Scale to frame size" function, and then it looks better. But I think it's quite strange, that it fits perfectly in the left preview...?


      My second issue is when I import the video. It should be recorded in full HD or at least 720p, but when I export it it is in 576p.

      It's pretty hard for me to tell what I do when I export, so here's one more screenshot:


      I use .avi and have tried to do the "Use maximum render quality" but it still seems to be poor quality.

      Can anyone tell me (in an easy way) how to fix this and how to prevent the edges of being cut off?


      Thank you so much for your time!