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    Organize files from Lightroom Mobile on Hard Drive


      Hi! I am working on refining my workflow for getting images from my iPhone into Lightroom. One approach I'm considering is to use Lightroom Mobile's Camera Roll auto-import feature, since it works pretty consistently well, and would allow me to start rating and sorting images on either my iPhone or iPad, and do heavier editing when I get back to the desktop. My idea is I'd have an "Inbox" where images are coming in from the iPhone (either that I've shot with the iPhone itself, or transferred to the Camera Roll from an Eye-Fi card -- but that's neither here nor there), and I could sort them into other collections when I get back to the desktop.


      Quick background note: I'm coming from Aperture, where I had referenced files on an external hard drive, neatly organized in folders by year > month > day, and named in <yyyy-mm-dd> - at - <hh-mm-ss>.ext format, easily searchable via the filesystem, if need be (yeah, I read The DAM Book).

      My problem with this Lightroom Mobile workflow so far, is that once the images get into Lightroom on the desktop, the image files are buried somewhere in the Mobile Downloads.lrdata folder, eating up space on my internal hard drive. I'd love it if I could have them stashed away on my external drive, where all my other photos live.


      So - my question is, does anyone have suggestions for how to go about moving them to that external drive, respecting the organizational structure I've got in place (folder + file naming convention)? They don't necessarily have to stay synced with Lightroom Mobile once I've started organizing inside of Lightroom on the desktop, although that would be nice. Or is this a ridiculous and convoluted way of getting images into Lightroom on the desktop? How are other people handling this kind of scenario? I'm not averse to something script-y, like AppleScript or maybe a Hazel recipe, but I could use some suggestions for getting started in the right direction.


      As an aside, this all started for me when a) I bit the bullet and switched to Lightroom at the beginning of the year (the writing was on the wall, way before Apple announced they were killing it), and b) I started shooting with an Eye-Fi card in my Fuji X100S. Unless I'm shooting RAW (which I rarely do with that camera), it's so easy to sync images wirelessly over to my phone, and seems redundant to then import images off of the card into Lightroom.


      Anyway, thanks for any suggestions you might have.