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    Playback Problems - Stutter, lag, audio dropoff


      Hey guys, sorry for the long spam of what is below, but it is really making me insane, and I want to fix it. Any help would be appreciated. I included all information that would be needed, and am very competent with computers (programming, tech work, etc)




      1) Playback in the preview section is stuttery after a time, and audio cuts out*

      2) Adding video files causes complete UI lockup in Explorer.exe and the Premiere Pro window*

      *Present in all projects



      Temporary remedy:

      1) When playback resolution is 1/2, paused at Full, waiting for the resolution of the paused image to increase allows the video to play back smoothly for a few seconds

      2) None found



      System specs:

      1x 250GB 840 Evo SSD <-- Where Premiere is installed

      1x 3TB WD Green Drive <-- Where clips are stored

      1x 1TB Seagate 64MB Cache 7200RPM drive <-- Unused, but no performance change when used



      Video clips:

      80GB to 160GB, H264, 30FPS, recorded with OBS max bitrate set to 450000





      System specs:

      i5 4440 w/ stock cooling

      16GB RAM - 1600MHz

      B85-Plus motherboard

      GTX 970 Strix Gaming

      Windows 8.1 64bit <- Was installed as 8.1 on computer's assembly



      -----------ADOBE SETTINGS-----------

      Project Settings: Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration

      Video Display Format - Timecode

      Audio Display Format - Audio Samples

      Capture Format - HDV





      Media Cache Files: save media cache files next to originals when possible - unchecked

      Location is on 1TB drive - %appdata%\Roaming\Adobe\Common



      Media Cache Database:

      Location is on 1TB drive %appdata%\Roaming\Adobe\Common



      Indeterminate Media Timebase - 29.97fps Drop-Frame

      Timecode: Use Media Source

      Frame Count: Start at 0

      Write XMP ID to Files on Import - Unchecked

      Write clip markers to XMP - Checked

      Enabled Clip and XMP Metadata Linking - Checked

      Include Captions on Import - Checked



      Growing Files

      Automatically Refresh Growing Files - Checked

      Refresh Growing Files Every [60] seconds





      Installed RAM: 15.9GB

      RAM reserved for other applications: 4GB

      Optimized Rendering for [Performance]







      Preroll [3] seconds

      Postroll [2] seconds

      Step forward/back many [5] seconds

      Enable Mercury Transmit - Checked

      Audio Device [Adobe DV]





      -----------OPEN BROADCASTER SOFTWARE SETTINGS-----------



      Video Encoding:

      Encoder [x264]

      Use CBR - Checked

      Enable CBR padding - Checked

      Max bitrate (kb/s) [450000]



      Audio Encoding:








      Nvidia driver version - 347.09




      Remedy interface lockup when adding files/modifying clips

      Smooth out playback to prevent audio drop-off and video stutter/lag (drops to 0.5fps)



      I can record it if you wish, but it will take a bit of time.