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    trouble importing audio with .vob file from dvd


      I'm importing from a DVD that I burned myself.  The DVD burner automatically separated it into 30-minute segments.  The second and third segment imported perfectly, but the first segment imported without the audio.  I was able to play the DVD on my computer with audio intact.  I tried reimporting it several times, and in different ways, with no luck.  Any ideas as to why this is happening or how to fix it?  Is there a way to just import the audio from a DVD?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Directly editing a VOB... or Ripping a VOB to edit using a note from Jim Simon


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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running? Did you create the original DVD-VIDEO on DVD disc in some version of Premiere Elements? If so, which one?


            What is the Premiere Elements project preset that you set for this project - DV Standard or DV Widescreen and did that setting agree with the format on the DVD disc?


            The Add Media/DVD camera or computer drive/Video Importer process usually works well. If a problem should occur, it is likely to be

            audio out of sync and not missing audio. Nonetheless, let us try the Command Prompt approach where you import the DVD.vob which is a

            seamless merge of the individual video VOB files.



            Are  VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_02_1.VOB, and VTS_03_1.VOB, your only DVD video files from the disc?


            Please review and consider.


            Thank you.



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              kebby99 Level 1

              I'm on Windows 8 using Preniere Elements 11. The DVD was burned on my home DVD burner from a miniDV camcorder. Windows 8 doesn't allow direct import from older devices so this was the work-around I found. I have done it in the past successfully, however this is the first time with this particular burner.

              It created doubles of each file, for some reason, so there is VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, VTS_01_3.VOB as well as VTS_02_1.VOB, VTS_02_2.VOB, VTS_02_3.VOB.  The project setting doesn't seem to be the issue since rhe _2 and _3 files work fine. It's just that neither of the _1 files includes audio. It could be out of sync audio for just that segment, though that seems strange. The first and second segment were recorded onto the DVD in one shot.

              I will try the merge tomorrow and see if that helps. My only other thought was to re-record the segment onto DVD and try again. I'd rather not waste the time and DVD though, especially not knowing what caused it.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply. The files that you cited for your DVD are quite normal. Those are not duplicates.


                Best keep the project preset consistent with the properties of these video files even if 2 of the 3 files appear to be OK.


                Are you saying that of the list of files that you have, it is only the first in each of the series VTS_01_1.VOB and VTS_02_1.VOB that does not have

                sound? Have you checked to determine if the sound ended up in any of the other 4 files? It will be interesting to learn if the DVD.vob merge of the individual video files has any impact on the situation.


                Did you get a chance to determine if you have sound for VTS_01_1.VOB or VTS_02_01.VOB when each is copied to the computer desktop from the DVD disc and then imported from there into a Premiere Elements project with Add Media/Files and Folder/Project Assets and then down to the Timeline? (That would take the Video Importer out of the troubleshooting equation.)


                We will be watching for further results.


                Thanks for the follow ups.



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                  kebby99 Level 1

                  I tried the merge and the entire video was bad.  Again, it played fine on my computer's DVD player, but the import into Premiere didn't go so well.  Not only did no sound show up with the import, but the video was all shadows and static.  I'm assuming something must have gone wrong in the original burning, though I still don't know what.  The other 4 files had the correct audio with them.  I ended up reburning the first half hour from the original miniDV and syncing it with the 2 working segments.  It turned out ok, it just took awhile. I'd still love to find out what happened, so it doesn't happen again, but for now at least I have what I need.


                  Thanks for the advice