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    LR or PS Classrooms in a book... which first?


      I am an aspiring photographer.  I currently own LR4 and PS CS6.  (no money to upgrade anytime soon) I have bought both of the Classrooms in a book.  Which one should I do first, or should I do them concurrently? (at the same time)  I have used LR a fair amount but I am sure I have only scratched the surface of what I can do.  As for PS I am COMPLETELY lost but I want to learn how to use it. 

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          johnhawk666 Level 3

          Llightroom is less complex than CS6, and so it might be easier for you to start there. Its available options are only for photographers, whereas CS6 is made for photographers, graphic artists and a host of other users.

          Have you tried either yet with your photographs, and what sort of photographer would you like to be?

          Another thought - getting to know a program by reading a fat book can seem like a real chore, so you could look for the introductory videos that Adobe have on their website; other posters to this site say that they are useful aids.