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    Media Encoder slower with Yosemite

    AdamLC Level 1

      Hi Everyone


      I am currently running a new Mac Pro. Under Mavericks it has been an excellent machine with Adobe CC, recently though I have gone to Yosemite. Adobe Media Encoder is certainly a bit slower. I know this as an 8min long training video project I have edited in Premiere which has a fair bit going on in the sequence, took 5:58  to export in Media Encoder when I ran Mavericks. I could replicate this result on more than 1 Mac Pro of the same specs, same Mavericks etc by just moving the thunderbolt hard drive the project is on. In Yosemite, the same sequence, same Premiere file now takes 6:20. For longer exports, that is a 5.5% time increase in time I'd rather not have, is there anything I can do to speed up Encoder under Yosemite? It seems that with a few recent upgrades to Encoder the program has slowed down a bit when using the OpenCL rendering. Turning off preview makes no difference.


      On a different note, I have noted the project sometimes takes a little longer/shorter to export. All things being equal, is it normal to export sometimes the same export to take a few seconds longer or shorter just randomly? Eg sometimes 6:15 or 6:25?


      Thank you all in advance.