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    Incorrect text // InDesign fail to identify the missing character




      I have a strange problem in InDesign. Please refer the below screen shot. The first line is the content from my XML, and I have imported into InDesign document.


      When I apply the "Minion Pro" font, both 0345, 03B9 Unicodes are appears as same characters which is incorrect. However, when I apply other fonts like "Arial Unicode MS, Times New Roman" the appropriate characters are appears as it should be. (please refer the last line in the screenshot)


      Typically, InDesign will leave as empty space and highlight in PINK color if any particular character is not available in the font we choose. So, as pagination process we will apply different font for those characters to render. But, in this case, InDesign renders two different characters as same. Please download the InDesign by clicking the below link. Thanks in advance.


      bug.indd - Google Drive