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    Question regarding channel adjustment

    paul190453 Level 1

      Hi. Been working on making selections based on channels/masking. Can someone please tell me what's happening when I do the following:

      1.Open an image.

      2.Select a channel which gives the best contrast between (for example0 the foreground and sky (often the blue channel).

      3. Duplicate the channel.

      4. Now...in order to make the foreground black and the background white I hit Ctrl L to bring up the levels dialogue. I am then able to make the foreground darker and the background lighter...so far so good. This allows me to make a selection of say the sky. Now my question:


      If instead of hitting Ctrl L I click a levels adjustment layer, the image takes on a reddish colour (like quick mask). what's happening here, as i'm not sure why the adjustment layer produces a different effect to a standard levels adjustment via the Ctrl L command.  Hope this makes sense.