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    Library of assets on a server

    jacquilynw Level 2

      At the company I work at, we maintain all important company related files on a server. We have RAID drives and pay for cloud back ups, the whole nine yards. If it's on the server it's backed up and secure. Especially the off-site back up don't come cheap, so we want to avoid duplicate data/files.


      I'm having an issue working in InDesign. Since the projects I work on are all for this company, I'm using a lot of the same assets (logo, photos, etc.) across multiple projects, and it's going to keep being that way. If I link my indesign files to the files on the server, indesign lags and freeze all the time. But if I make a local temporary copy of the assets while I'm working, and then when I'm finished put just the indesign file on the server to be backed up, I lose all my links. Which would be a huge headache if I ever need to go back to my projects. Syncing the all assets on the server to my local machine would also one day cause problems because the hard drive on it isn't that big (it's a laptop, so I can't just give it more hard drives).


      Anyone faced something like this before, or does anyone have ideas for how to fix this? I don't want indesign freezing all the time and I don't want duplicates, but I don't want to spend that much time simply maintaining my links. Is there some way to tell indesign to make better temporary files of all linked assets while a file is open? Though I'm not sure about that since my laptop has an SSD drive.


      Thank you for reading!