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    New user:  I can't find the zoom option (to try and sync audio tracks/sources wav to a clap)


      Hi guys.  I LOVE the rendering speed/quality etc of single videos but I'm running into trouble syncing videos/audio from 3 sources.  Basically I have a Nikon D7000 and an Iphone taking two angles of me playing guitar.  I want to sync all of them to an audio clap or a click but I can't seem to find the zoom option where I can get right in on the wav files to match the peaks of the clap.  I am also having trouble with the video clips I am dragging seem to lock magnetically to other clips or wherever my playback marker is.  I want the clips to drag/move freely (and tiny increments) and not lock into any time interval etc.


      I also would like to find the mute button for some of the tracks.  It seems to be really basic stuff, but I can't seem to locate anything obvious to zoom, drag and get my timeline in sync.


      It took me a long time to sync my audio to an iphone angle for this clip:




      My D7000 is a MUCH better image, but juggling that, my iphone angle and the audio that gets recorded by my DAW is a struggle.  Any tips would be appreciated!