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    HELP! Erroneously "Initialized" Hard Drives, Lost Many Images

    Professor Royal

      Please advise.  Is there any way to recreate missing TIFF image files from the Lightroom library, preview of those files?  As a photographer/graphic artist, I've just made one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in my life.  After moving a set of mirrored RAID drives from an external enclosure to mount them internally in my mid-2012 MacPro, I encountered a pop-up window telling me that the computer didn't recognize the drives.  The options presented in that pop-up window were: Initialize, Ignore or Eject.  I clicked on "Initialize" (thinking that that was telling the computer to "mount" the drives.  Well, as all of you know, that is not what I accomplished.  :-(  I purchased DATA Rescue 4 and was able to retrieve most or all of the jpg and Cr2 files but what I'm unable to retrieve are some very large (between 1 and 2 GB) TIFF files -- a good many of my finished pieces.  :-(   That said, when I open Lightroom and it shows me that the files attached to the images on the screen are missing, I'm still able to preview and in fact enlarge the images and see a great amount of detail.  I'm assuming that if there is a way to recreate the missing images from the lightroom previews, that they will only be 72dpi BUT -- at least I'd have the images  Any Hope?  Any thoughts (other than I'm a bone headed ***)?  Any help available?  Please advise  Thanks.