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    I'm having major issues installing Flash Player on my Computer in order to use LeapFrog Connect


      Hi! Please help! For 6 days I've been trying to update Flash Player so that I can use the LeapFrog Connect program and my 4 year old can use her LeapFrog Tag Jr reader. I'm so frustrated! I checked and I actually had the most up to date version of Flash. After talking with LeapFrog for over an hour, they suggested I uninstall Flash Player and start over. I did and now I can't install it! I've downloaded the most up to date version to install for my Windows 7/Chrome. Once I click on run, an adober installer box opens and then NOTHING HAPPENS. I'm really upset and frustrated and I threw out the box for the Tag Jr so I can't even return it. Can anyone help me get flash installed on my computer (I know it comes with Chrome but LeapFrog isn't recognizing that so I need to get it installed)?


      THANK YOU!