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    My version of LR-5.7 (OS X 10.8.5) apparently does not save the .NEF (Nikon RAW) edits done in the basic module.


      My version of LR-5.7 (OS X 10.8.5) apparently does not save the .NEF (Nikon RAW) edits done in the basic module. That means that I can correct exposure, highlights, shadows etc. but once I go to another picture and returned to the edited one the histogram (on the edited photo) and specifically the clipping triangles are white or some other color. This is normally suppose to indicate that some channel or all channels are clipped in the highlight/shadow areas. If I adjust any slider in the Basic panel even as little as one +/- value or press the J-key, the histogram will now show the original edit. Moving on to another photo and then returning to to previously edited one and again the edits are "not saved" and I have to hit the J-key or adjust a slider to see the previously edited information reflected in the histogram.


      This is especially frustrating for fours reasons. If I have edited a shoot and return to it I cannot see from the clipping information whether the original edit was correct and of course I might re-edit it (to some now incorrect value). This brings up the second issue synchronization. I can't rely on it because if I go back to fine tune a specific image in the batch the triangles are white or some other color for that and every image. I have to hit the J-key to show/hide clipping or the back slash key to see before/after previews. This is the third issue which is very time consuming and inefficient regarding my workflow. The forth issue is that I have noticed that normally when an image is saved in PS, LR adds a copy of the saved version to its catalogue. I have noticed that the PS to LR saves are all wrong in terms of exposure (they are much lighter in tone) than the original LR edit and the PS edit on my screen. If I check the PS to LR photo in LR I notice that the Basic panel values have been changed and that I have to sync the image with the originally edited RAW/NEF LR file to get it to look the same.


      Note 1). I am using an Apple cinema display and a calibrated Eizo ColorEdge monitor to view my NEF files. I have reverted back to using LR 4 however I am not sure if I should expect compatibility problems with Camera Raw 7.4 in LR 4 vs. Camera Raw 8.6 in LR 5.


      Note 2.) I am going to do an import converting everything to .dng  to see if this is a work around.


      Note 3). I would be interested in knowing if this issue is related to the PS RAW engine ver. 8.6, the Adobe created NEF calibrations or LR 5.


      Note 4). I have duplicated this issue in OS X 10.8.5, OS X 9.xx and OS X 10.10.1


      Hopefully someone else has noticed this problem. Any shared information would be valuable. Thanks for the reply.