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    Monitor calibration workflow issue

    Tony359 Level 1

      Hello everyone,


      I have an issue with colours. My pictures don't look the same in Firefox, with a fully colour managed workflow.


      Let me explain. My monitor is a Wide Gamut one, a Dell. I have calibrated the monitor using a I1 Pro and DispcalGUI. The profile is installed and loaded in Windows 7 64bit. I understand that Lightroom uses the primary monitor's profile without any user intervention required and that LR is fully colour managed, which means that it's doing a 3D LUT profiling (I may use the wrong terms here, apologies).


      I export my pictures using sRGB colour space.


      If I view the resulting JPEG using Windows photo viewer - which I understand is colour managed in windows 7 - the result is identical in what I see in LR.

      If I view the same picture in Firefox, it is not.



      I understand that some parameters have to be tweaked to enable LUT profiling in FF and to tell FF that all pictures have to be corrected. I should have done it. Here is my settings.


      Despite that, FF still display my pictures incorrectly. I have tried forcing another profile (a wrong one) and colours are changing, which confirms that the colour management is working in FF.


      Now, if I disable colour management completely in FF... then pictures exported with AdobeRGB gamut look correctly in FF.


      Any help please?

      Thank you!