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    Not getting a password prompt when signing


      Sometimes when I go to sign a document, the password box is missing. I'm using Acrobat Pro XI (not Reader). The password box is typically there the first time we sign it, and then after that it sometimes disappears. Once it disappears, it doesn't show up again. help please!

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          IsakTen Level 4

          It depends on where you imported your signing certificate. On Windows if you place it in the Windows Store it by default remembers the password and does not ask again. In the process of importing signing certificate into the Windows Store you can select an option to ask you the password always. If you imported your signing certificate into the Acrobat Store, you can control how often you're asked the password.

          1. Go to Edit->Preferences->Signatures->Identities&Trusted Certificates->More and select Digital IDs. "Storage Mechanism" column shows you where your signing certificate is stored.

          2. If it is stored as a "Digital ID file" select "Digital ID Files" and click on the file that contains your signing certificate. There is "Password Timeout" tab on the top of the right panel. When you click it it will ask you for teh password and then present several options that control how often Acrobat/Reader asks you for the password when you sign.

          This is the same in Acrobat and Reader.