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    How do we use footnotes and endnotes in a documentary collection?


      Hello Everyone,


      I'm hoping someone might have some advice for us. We're assembling a scholarly collection of documents of varying lengths. We're facing some design challenges that our usual tools (chiefly MS Word) are simply not up to and we'd like to know how, or whether, what we need can be conveniently accomplished using InDesign.


      The challenge is this: our documents are annotated transcriptions of historical texts. The texts themselves often have footnotes of their own. The documents are also annotated by scholars working on our project. We'd like to include the annotations as endnotes following *each* document, while maintaining the footnotes included in the originals. I've included a mockup below of the kind of thing I'm talking about. Bear in mind that each volume includes a few hundred documents more or less like the representation in the mockup. These document each need to flow one after the other, while including endnotes after each and footnotes wherever they show up.


      Any advice on how might we best accomplish this with InDesign?


      Thank you for your time.