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    Playback Issues, the Camera, the Media or the Software

    geoffriccio Level 1

      Hello everyone!


      I have been using Premiere since CS2, and I have never had an issue with video playback. I'll walk you through my problem, to see if anyone can help. I shoot with the Sony FS100 and love it. Never had an issue. It records to SD cards; I use SanDisk 32 gb 95 mb/s. For my last shoot, I was actually doing photography instead, and was using a Transcend 32 gb SD card instead; not sure the write rate. I was using a DSLR, the Canon 5D Mark III. I would capture some video between photos, and thought it came out great. I transferred all filed to my computer, via the SD slot in my tower. Everything is fine, only I noticed choppiness in the video playback. Some files are worse than others; video files only, photos were fine. I rendered the files in premiere, thinking it was a write-rate issue. I rendered them at 1080 60p, and it made some a better. I noticed when I pause, the choppy lines disappear, so they aren't actually on the file. Is there a way to fix this issue and help my files? For future reference, was it the SD card? Thanks for your help?