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    Playback issue: aud, no vid

    der kutter

      Hey there... first time forum user, just edited first project. Using Elements 13 on a brand new laptop. Quad core, 8gig, 1terabyte storage. Windows 8.1.

      Everything went fine, rendered MPEG, HD 720p, 25. Its about a 35 min program, and it's sitting in the folder, says it's 4.3 gigs. But when I play it in Windows Media Player, I get only audio, with the big musical note where the video should be. I am currently uploading it to google drive to see if it works on a friend's pc. One thing... the original raw video was something like 70 gig (a 75min church service.) Guy rendered it down to be able to send to me...and he uses Mac. It played fine for me, but could that have something to do with it?  Any ideas? Thanks!