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    What happened to the "Group Gripper" in CC 2014?


      This thing in the upper right hand corner of grouped panels used to let you move all the tabs at once time. It was super helpful for redocking a group of panels in a floating window into another window. Now if you want to dock the panels again you have to move each tab individually. There isn't a "Dock Grouped Panels" option in the menu drop down on the individual tabs and I can't seem to find something that functions similarly to the group gripper. It's still mentioned in the AE Help Workspace page.

      This isn't a problem specific to one computer either. My computer at home (Window 8.1), at work (OSX Mountain Lion), as well as a local studio (Windows 8) I've been freelancing all don't have it.

      Is this a bug with the recent UI reskin? Or is this a purposeful change? I hope it isn't because it really eats up my time when I have 5 panels that need to be moved at once.